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Schleich Wild Life

Schleich Wild Life figures and playsets, your favourite wild animals in figurine form. Excellent for play and display. These figures won't disappoint. 

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Schleich Wild Life 2021 Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
Schleich Wild Life Cheetah Cub
Cheetah Cub
Schleich Asian Elephant Female - Wild Life
Asian Elephant (F)
Schleich Baby Hippopotamus - Wild Life
Baby Hippopotamus
Schleich Black Panther - Wild Life
Black Panther
Schleich Emperor Penguin - Wild Life
Emperor Penguin
Schleich Giant Tortoise - Wild Life
Giant Tortoise
Schleich Hippopotamus - Wild Life
Schleich Lion Mother With Cubs - Wild Life
Lion Mother & Cubs
Schleich Polar Bear Playground - Wild Life
Polar Bear Playground
Schleich Snow Leopard - Wild Life
Snow Leopard
Schleich Wild Life African Elephant Male
African Elephant (M)
Schleich Wild Life Crocodile
Schleich Wild Life Giraffe Female
Giraffe Female
Schleich Wild Life Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Schleich Wild Life Ranger Adventure Station
Ranger Adventure Station
Schleich Wild Life Tiger
Siberian Tiger